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The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that they need to repair or replace their roof. But the truth is your roof is constantly exposed to the hot Texas sun and windy nights, and it’s inevitable. And mother nature has been wreaking havoc on us these past few years with storm after storm, and this will put a significant amount of wear and tear on the shingles, flashing, and caulking.

This has certainly affected your roof somehow with seen or unseen damage as these conditions are damaging to your roof and affect its structural integrity. This ultimately leads to costly repairs or the need to replace your roof entirely.

This is why regular roof inspections are essential.

We offer roof repair throughout the Houston area, including Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Humble, Missouri City, and Conroe.

There are a few main causes of roof damage. While not all of them can be avoided, you must know exactly what to do to catch any damage and prevent further damage from occuring quickly.

Poor Installation
If your roof wasn’t installed by a certified professional, it’s likely you’ll need roof repairs sooner than later. There are many here today gone tomorrow roofing companies. So how do you know if your roof was not installed correctly? Look for missing drip edge flashing, does your roof have a uniformed appearance, improper roof shingle nailing, shingle overhang, use of old material, and a rotted roof deck. 

Wind Damage
Texas can get windy and loosen shingles. When shingles are lifted, it will expose roofing materials, nails, and shingles that can be torn off. If you’ve recently experienced high winds, you should have your roof inspected.

Hail Damage
Hailstorms will displace the granules from the shingle’s surface and break down the protection of the shingles. Granules are protection from the UV rays and will lead to potential water damage.

Extreme Weather Conditions
We’ve seen a lot of this lately – heavy rains, high winds, and record high temperatures will damage your roof over time. Damage isn’t always a tree limb puncturing your roof; it’s often the wear and tear that breaks down the shingles’ layer of protection.

After any type of massive storm, it’s imperative that you have your roof inspected for any damage.

Our Roof Repair Conroe TX Services

Emergency Roofing Repairs

Things happen, so we’re ready at a moment’s notice with our emergency roof repair in Houston.  We’ll come out and assess the damage and do what needs to be done to protect it from further damage.

Wind & Hail Repair

Hail and wind damage can severely damage the roof shingles, skylights, gutters, vent hoods, and anything in its path. After a storm, we’ll come out to inspect your roof shingles, vent hoods, chimney caps, and chimney for any damage. Not all damage can be seen without getting up on the roof to inspect. We’re an experienced roofing expert that will make the repairs promptly.

Wood Rot Repair

When there is damage left untreated, it will lead to wood rot. This affects the structural beams and joists of your home. Most often, this is found when replacing your roof and can be a costly repair but a necessary repair. With regular roof inspections, this can often be avoided. 

Let Us Help With Your Insurance Claim

Has a tree limb damaged your home or wind damage removed shingles?  We can help you to prepare your claim.

We know how overwhelming it can be when preparing your insurance claim. These insurance companies certainly don’t make it easy. We know what the insurance companies are looking for when it comes to documenting everything. We’ll help you collect all of the photos and improve your chances of them accepting your claim.

If you’ve had regular roof maintenance, this will help with your claim as it shows your roof’s health prior to the damage.

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What to Expect From Our Roof Repair Katy Tx

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard horror stories about a roofing company they hired. We want to put your mind at ease by telling you exactly what to expect from us.

The first thing that we’ll do is come out and inspect the damage. We’ll carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof to examine the extent of the damage.

This is what we’re going to be looking for, 

  • Any missing, broken, or torn shingles
  • Worn shingle granules
  • Cracks in the chaulk
  • Missing or rusted flashing
  • Rubber boots around pipes that may be rotting or torn
  • Sagging areas and wood rot
  • Missing chimney caps and cracks in the chimney
  • The integrity of the gutters

After we complete the inspection, we’ll discuss what we have found – if we even find anything at all. If something needs to be repaired, we’ll give you a quote and then get to work. Give us a call today for our comprehensive roof inspection so that we can get your roof back in tip-top shape!

Hire Us for Your Roof Repair Spring Tx Needs

When you hire us, you are getting more than just repairs done to your roof. You’re getting a quality company that pays close attention to the details and understands the importance of quality work.

The best products are used and installed by a team of experienced professionals who understands how inconvenient the damage can be to your everyday life and the need for quick action to get it taken care of.

We want you to get back to your normal life as quickly as you do.

This is why we will help with your claim and then get done as quickly as possible and ensure that we stay within your budget. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that we’ll cut corners to save a buck. Our work’s quality is important to use and exactly why we used the best materials to ensure your roof will last for decades.

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