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Roofs are, without a doubt, one of the most expensive aspects of owning a home. When you are looking to purchase a house or building for your business, the first concern is always the age of the roof. This is why having regular roof inspections are so important—catching any damage before it can become a costly repair that costs you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

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When It's Time for a Roof Inspection

Most people believe that the only time you need to have your roof inspected is before you buy a home or after a severe storm. This is not accurate.

According to the National Roofing Contractor’s Association, you should have annual inspections at least twice a year. Houston gets a lot of rain, a good amount of wind, and the sun is hot. All of these elements can cause damage to your roof. It’s not uncommon for extensive water damage to occur in the sub roofing, which will most likely result in replacing your entire roof.

Rain and wind are the biggest causes of roof damage. Not all roof damage is visible from the ground. The only way to uncover any damage or issues is to inspect your roof and know what you are looking for. It’s critical that you call us after a severe storm to inspect your roof and any potential damage.

Did you know that you can have a roof leak for years before it ever becomes visible to you? Can you imagine the damage that this causes and how much money it will be not only to replace the roof but the structure of your home and interior damage that occurred?

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Warning Signs That Your Roof Inspection is Overdue

Look for visible signs of roof damage. If you notice any, Call us immediately to schedule an inspection.

  • Dark streaks and stains on the ceiling are an indication that your roof is leaking, and moisture is has reached the interior of your home. This could be causing damage to the structure of your home and be costly to repair.
  • Curling or missing shingles generally means that your roof is nearing the end of its life. You can usually see this from the ground without getting on the roof. These damaged or missing shingles will expose the roofing underlayment and cause serious and expensive damage.
  • Excessive granules in your gutters and downspouts are another sign of an aging roof. But you may be able to replace some of the shingles rather than putting a new roof on. You’ll need to climb on a latter to check the gutters for these granules, which are the breakdown of the shingles.
  • Problems with the gutter mean it’s not functioning correctly, which leads to potential damage to your roof as well as the foundation. We also install gutters, so give us a call.

Moisture in the attic is easy for you to spot. You’re likely to feel the moisture in the air when you’re in the attic, this is a clammy feeling, or maybe you notice exposure to the outside.

After a major wind storm, you should have your roof inspected, even if you don’t notice any visible damage or leaks. The wind can cause damage to the roofing materials, and catching it right away by a licensed and insured roofer will save you thousands of dollars and ensure that your home is protected.

What to Expect From Our Roof Inspection

The process is simple; we want to inspect the structure, materials, interior, and workmanship quality. We’ll check for leaks, unusual wear and tear, organic growth, missing shingles, previous repairs, and problems with shingle installation.

  • Structural Inspection will check for an uneven or sagging roof, the soffit, fascia, and gutter system. We’ll even inspect the chimney for any damage such as cracks or missing grout, as well as the venting system in your attic. Improper venting leads to moisture buildup damaging your roof.
  • Material Inspection looks for loose, missing, or curled shingles, as well as moss, rust, and missing flashing or fasteners. Deteriorating rubber boots and seals around vents and pipes can cause roof leaks. We’ll pay close attention to shingle aggregate.
  • Interior Inspection looks for signs of water damage such as stains, mold, and rot to the interior walls, ceiling, and attic.  In order to do thorough inspections, both the interior and exterior of your home will need to be inspected. Simply climbing on the roof will not be enough when it comes to locating moisture and mold.
  • Workmanship Inspection looks for issues that may have occurred during installation that could lead to potential problems in the future, such as incorrect flashing. 

After our inspection, we’ll give you a detailed report. This will include the condition of your roof and anything that will need to be repaired. We’ll schedule any repairs to get your roof in superior condition.


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Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. Most asphalt roofs will last between 15 to 20 years, and with proper roof maintenance and quality materials, you may be able to go a few more years beyond that. Metal roofing will last for nearly 70 years without the need for any roof maintenance, but you should still have your roof inspected annually for any damage that may occur due to severe weather.

Regardless of what roofing material you have, roof inspections should be part of owning a home. Only a trained eye is able to spot potential problems and prevent them from occurring and prolong the life of your roof.

Contact us today. We’ll schedule an appointment and have one of our trained professionals come out to your home and give you a detailed report on the condition of your roof.