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Slate is by far the most durable and one of the most attractive roofing materials available on the market today. Slate roofing tiles are precisely cut from slabs of stone and are most commonly grey but are often available in a variety of colors. One of the most important aspects of your new slate roof, is it’s average longevity of over 100 years and in thought history have lasted twice as long!

Pros of a Slate Tile Roof

– Longevity
– Lasting Durability
– Added Value, Beauty and Curb Appeal
– Environmentally Friendly

Slate roofing tiles are incredibly low maintenance, fire proof and have a great immunity to the effects of mold/mold spores. Slate is one of the heavier roofing materials available for your home, you must have your roof estimated by an experience slate roofing contractor that can properly assess if your home can support the excess weight.

If your current structure is not suitable to bear the weight of the slate roofing tiles, our roofing specialists will help provide solutions and alternatives for the roof you desire. One solution may be to increase the structural strength of your home’s roofing support, via the installation of additional materials.

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Simulated Slate Roofing Tile

Simulated slate roofing tiles, or synthetic roofing tiles, are a lightweight and cost effective alternative to natural slate roofing tiles.

This material is a man-made mixture of slate dust and glass fiber resin (sometimes a cement and fiber mixture), created to be lighter, less expensive and more durable during installation, making installation much easier.

Slate Roofing Contractor, FSR Services, installs only the best simulated lightweight roofing tiles, matching the beauty and craftsmanship of real slate. Most homes with simulated slate tile roofs are nearly identical to homes with real slate roofs.

With lower maintenance costs and added durability, your new simulated slate roof will provide you with the same elegant curb as with a natural slate roof. You’ll also enjoy long lasing performance, longevity and 50+ year manufacture warranties.

If installing a natural slate roof on your home is out of your budget, speak with one of our FSR Roofing Specialists about our simulated slate roofing tiles.

  • Top Notch Fire Resistance
  • Wind Protection
  • Impact Damage
  • Resistant

Thinking about replacing an old roof or installing a completely new roof? Our lightweight roofing solutions will amaze you with durability, performance, beauty and of course you’ll be proud to tell everyone about your newly installed FSR Services roof.

Contact FSR Services today and learn more about our many available roofing in Houston solutions. Our expert roofing specialists will be ready to answer any questions regarding how our various roofing products and services can add beauty, value and charm to your home.

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