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As a homeowner, the last thing you want to hear is that you have a roof leak. But it happens, and the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s going to be a costly repair.

But this isn’t always true; it depends on the cause of the leak.

Let’s take a look at the potential causes of your roof leak:

Your flashing could be cracked. This thin piece of metal is installed to create a water-resistant barrier around vents, chimneys, and skylights. Often roofers seal the flashing with tar, and over time it will corrode, therefore exposing it to the outside elements. You’ll need to replace the flashing as soon as possible.

Broken or missing shingles. There’s a number of reasons for shingles to be damaged or go missing. The most common cause is high winds and heavy rains. You’ll also need to replace them immediately.

The valleys are not sealed properly. This is where the two slopes meet, and the rainwater goes. If they are not sealed properly, water can get inside. This is a bit more complex than a broken or missing single.

The vent booting is cracked. These are those small pipes that stick out of your roof. They have a rubber boot seal that cracks. This will need to be replaced and reconnected to the surrounding shingles. Often shingles need to be replaced in this area as well.

Skylights weren’t installed correctly. This is often an easy leak to spot. You’ll notice wet spots and water drops in that area. This almost always is a flashing problem. But it could be a crack in the silicone around the skylight or a crack in the window as well.

Your gutters are clogged. Gutters are designed to keep water away from the roof, and if they are clogged with debris, water will start pooling on the roof.

Cracked chimney. This could be loose flashing and shingles, a crack in the chimney cap, or holes in the mortared joints.

Condensation in the attic. Take a peek in your attic and look for signs of mold or mildew. You’ll most likely be able to smell a strong, musty odor. This happens when there are large fluctuations in temperature. Check the vents, and if they are clear of debris, you may want to consider getting a large ventilation fan.

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Wear and tear are inevitable with our Texas weather. There will be hot summers, heavy winds, and rainstorms that break down any roof, but most often, roof leaks can be avoided with regular roof maintenance. By catching the problem earlier enough, you’ll save thousands in roof leak repairs in Spring TX.

Leaks can come at any time of the day. This is why we offer emergency roof repairs. We can have one of our experts out there as soon as possible to assess the problem and get the repairs done as quickly as possible.

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